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:star::star::star:Gallery submission rules:star::star::star:

:bulletblue: Submitted art must have something relating to the Smash series. If it's just Nintendo, but doesn't appear in Smash in any form, then we will not accept it. For example, a drawing of the pokemon Snivy would not be accepted, as it has not appeared in the Smash series.

:bulletred: All art must follow the dA's art guidelines.

:bulletpurple: There are several folders for you to submit art in. Please help us separate your art by putting your artwork in the proper place. For example, fanfictions go into the "Fanfiction" folder. If you don't submit your art to the proper folder, it will be rejected.

:bulletyellow: There is a limit of 7 submissions a week. However, depending on the amount of submissions received during the day, excess submissions from a user may be rejected.

:bulletgreen: Please only submit finished works of art. If you have a pencil sketch and decided to color it in, don't submit it, and submit the completed work only. If you have a pencil sketch and you are 100% sure that it won't be colored or inked, feel free to submit it.

★Additional rules

- All dA rules should be followed.
- Please do not flame any members, be nice to each other.
- Please do not flame any characters, we want to avoid drama.
- Please do not submit works that are NOT your own creations.
- Please do not comment or fave/collect club submissions, show your love to the original work.
- Enjoy your stay~ (Yes, that's a rule >:3 )





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One of the biggest Super Smash Clubs on dA, we have gathered many fans of Nintendo's series Super Smash Bros. on dA. We welcome anyone who is a Smash Fan or Fan of any characters in Smash World.

Share you Smash Information in the club and invite anyone to have a brawl with you! Don't forget to share your love for Smash through art too!

Universal chat with other Smash groups!…
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Aug 18, 2008


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1,462 Members
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*NOTE: This will only work for NTSC users. The NTSC region covers North and South America.*

Have you ever wanted to hack Brawl, but didn't want to hack your Wii for whatever reason? Or simply found installing Homebrew to be too complicated/too much of a hassle? Via the Smash Stack method, it's possible to use a simple exploit in the Stage Builder to temporarily hack Brawl until you turn off the game. Here's a step by step to successfully install Smash Stack on your SD card, and have everything ready to hack standard Brawl.

Note that you will need a SD card that's no larger than 2 GB (a SD card larger than this will not work). Also note that SDHC cards will not work.

Step 1: Remove all custom stages from your Wii, as well as from the SD card you plan to use. If you don't want to lose your custom stages, move them to another SD card, or if you don't have one, back them up on your computer. Custom stages must be entirely removed, as they'll prevent Smash Stack from working.

Step 2: If you have the Smash Service on, turn it off to prevent receiving custom stages from it. If you already have it off, you can skip this step.

*Note that if you already have a custom stage from Smash Service, you can get rid of it without waiting a day, by going to your Wii's calender and advancing it a day.

Step 3: Download this file…

Step 4: Move this file on to the root of your SD card, and then unzip it.

When unzipped, this file places the following on your SD card:

codes -> RSBE01.gct

private -> wii -> app -> RSBE -> st -> st_080805_0933.bin
.........................................-> pf -> menu -> strap -> StrapEn.pac


For what each of these files do:

*boot.elf will allow the Smash Stack file to boot up Gecko.

*st_080505_0933.bin is the Smash Stack file.

*StrapEn.pac is a file that replaces the start up screen. Not necessary, but will allow you to know if you installed everything correctly on Brawl.

*RSBE01.gct is the file that contains the codes used to alter Brawl. The gct file here contains the following codes:
:bulletred:File replacement code (This is the code that allows you to replace textures, stages, music, etc.)
:bulletred:Colored shields (Changes the color of shields to be darker and have a more defined color)
:bulletred:Infinite replays (Match is over 3 minutes? No problem anymore. Keep in mind though, matches longer than 10 minutes will not play out correctly once the 10 minute mark is passed)
:bulletred:Save tags in replays (Keeps name tags intact in replays)
:bulletred:Unrestricted pause camera (No longer will your snapshots be hindered by Brawl's arbitrary angle limits)
:bulletred:Unrestricted replay camera (Same as above, but applied to the camera you can use in replays)
:bulletred:Disable custom stages (A necessary code that prevents custom stages from loading on the stage select screen. If you do not have this code while having the Smash Stack file installed, the game will lock up on the stage select screen.)
:bulletred:1000+ replays (Allows you to save over 1000 replays)
:bulletred:Modified default settings (Changes the default rules from 2 minute Time, to 3 stocks with 8 minutes. Also turns Team Attack on by default)

*Note: If you already have a private folder (which you'll have if you have any replays/snapshots/custom stages saved on your SD card), either move the al/rp folders from the RSBE folder in your old private folder, to the RSBE folder in your new private folder. Or, move the pf/st folders from the RSBE folder in your new private folder, to the RSBE folder in your old private folder. Once you done this, delete the private folder you're not using (this is done to preserve any replays/snapshots you have saved on your SD card).

Step 5: With your SD card inserted with Brawl started up, go to the Vault and select Stage Builder.

*Note: Sometimes Smash Stack will randomly fail to boot, where you'll be stuck on the Stage Builder menu with the game eternally trying to load the Smash Stack file as if it was a custom stage. If this happens, turn off your Wii by holding down the power button until it turns off, and simply try again.

Step 6 : If everything was installed right and there are no custom stages on your Wii or SD card, the game's screen will go weird, and then proceed to the Gecko menu. From here, simply select Launch Game.

If everything was done right, once  the game reboots, the strap menu should be this…

If you were able to successfully follow this guide, congratulations, you're now ready to hack Brawl. Now here are some more links to help you install custom content in Brawl:

:bulletred:Guide on how to install Brack hacks:…

Simply skip down to section three, and you'll see where to name and place files replacing content in Brawl.

An alternative guide can found here, that also includes where to put music hack files without requiring you to download a document…

Skip down to the fourth post here to get to the information you need.

:bulletred:The Brawl Vault, where you can find all sorts of hacks:…


This will be enough to get you started, though not all the possible hacking you can do is included in this. If you require farther information, you can find helpful resources in the Brawl Vault forums and AllisBrawl Smash Development forums…

Keep in mind that hacks do work over Wifi. However, if you have any hack that alters gameplay in any way (such as a character texture that alters hitboxes), you will desync from your opponent unless they have the same exact hack (desyncing can be noticed when your opponent suddenly starts playing erratically, such as by repeatedly attacking the air and jumping off the stage while making no effort to recover).

Also keep in mind, when you have your SD card with Smash Stack installed inserted in your Wii, do not play Brawl without booting your hacks up, or it will lock up on the stage select screen.

If you have any questions or anything to say, comment.
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